Masjid Ashahid in Phum Soy2, Tboung Khmum Province
 On 30 October 2019, H.E HOSEN MOHAMAD FARID, Advisor to Ministry of  Cult and Religion and the chairman of Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) and Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia (ICDC), officially inaugurated the MASJID ASSHAHID which is located in Soy II Village, Bers I Commune, Krouch Chhmar District, Tboung Khmum Province after the inauguration of MASJID ALMAIMUNAH on 29 October. Another recent achievement of Muslim in France from Nouvelle Optique through Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia has been spent in the amount of thirty-three thousand dollars (33,000USD).  The inaugural participants were H.E Nazi Sleh, Advisor to the Ministry of Information, Deputy Governor of Khrouch Chhmar District, Chiefs of Commune, Village, Association, organization and more than three hundred residents