About Us
Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance or in short known as CMIA , is a non-governmental  Organization founded and established on the 1st of May 2004 by a group of former students who are locally and oversea graduated. 

CMIA is legally registered with the Ministry of Interior through the license number 762 សជណ and became a full member of Union NGOs of Islamic World ( UNIW) bases in Istanbual, Turkey in 2010. Recently as Ausgust 2012, CMIA became a prominent founding member of Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia Organization (ICDC). 


- To asseble all educated people from all walks of life and work together to achieve the common dream 
- To uplift the living standard of the Muslim community and enusre the welfare of Ummah 


" Aims to see the world with peace, prosperous socitey, morality, rightous belief, harmony and better economy"


- Promote integrational education system in different majors to meet the national need
- Promote Islamic Da'wah through professional talks, teaching and publishing
- Develop and Improve the economy of Muslim community in various means toward poverty alleviation